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Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor.
Agni Motors are no longer avaialble.

Consider Perm PMG-132 >>>



When you simply want the highest performing motor in it's class you get an Agni Motor. The latest version of this legendary DC brushed motor comes equipped with a negative temperature coefficient thermistor to ensure that in high performance applications current to the motor is cut back before overheating occurs. It also features adjustable brushes so you can run it with advanced timing in ether direction for more efficiency at high loads, conversely, the motor can be retarded to become a more efficient generator. This Agni motor is small yet strong and has been internally reinforced so it may be run up to an incredible 6000 RPM.This motor is ideally suited for 12-72 Volt DC drive systems. Works with most PM motor controllers. Great for Electrathons, Motorcycles, go-karts, ride-on trains, small planes, boats, or robots.


Hi Torque 8" Diameter motor
Highest Power to Weight ratio
Kevlar banded for higher RPM performance.
Bi Directional rotation
Adjustable Timing
Easy brush maintenance


Power: 8 count-- 30 pk hp
Voltage: 12-72VDC
Peak Efficiency: 93%
Max Amps (30 seconds): 400
Continuous Amps: 230
Max Speed: 6000 RPM>
Weight: 24 lbs.

About AGNI Motors

The Agni Motor was invented in 1979 by Electric Vehicle pioneer Cedric Lynch. This Motor design technically known as a thin gab axial flux motor has since been used in other motors such as the Etek (B&S), Perm 132, and LEMCO. This type of motor has specific characteristics in regards to performance and maintenance. Proper operation and maintenance will help to ensure optimal performance and longevity. For more technical info please refer to the attached documentation or visit the Agni Motor FAQ page.


Workshop Manual

Mechanical Drawing

Thermostat Specifications

Performance Curves