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When you simply want the highest performing motor in it's class you get an Agni Motor. The latest version of this legendary DC brushed motor comes equipped with a negative temperature coefficient thermistor to ensure that in high performance applications current to the motor is cut back before overheating occurs. It also features adjustable brushes so you can run it with advanced timing in ether direction for more efficiency at high loads, conversely, the motor can be retarded to become a more efficient generator. This Agni motor is small yet strong and has been internally reinforced so it may be run up to an incredible 6000 RPM.This motor is ideally suited for 12-72 Volt DC drive systems. Works with most PM motor controllers. Great for Electrathons, Motorcycles, go-karts, ride-on trains, small planes, boats, or robots.

PM DC Brush-Type Motors

Agni B 95R
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Price: 1595.00 USD