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Sigmadrive PM4845

24-48v / 450 amp Motor Speed Controller

It is highly recommended that you purchase a Sigmadrive Programming device to ensure proper functionality and efficiency of your drive system.


The PG Drives Sigmadrive family of motor controllers and ancillary products have been developed for use in a wide range of electric vehicle applications such as Materials Handling, Airport Ground Support, Industrial, Utility and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. Sigmadrive controllers possess many features and capabilities that will benefit the electric vehicle designer. 


24-48 Volts/450 amp


- 7 off low impedance digital inputs
- 3 off high resolution analogue inputs
- 3 off protected contactor drivers (2 off on small frame versions)
- In-built coil suppression
- Short circuit and open circuit contactor detect
- Thermal current limit compensation
- Throttle mapping
- Electromagnetic brake control
- Emergency reverse / Belly button
- Programmable creep speed
- Inching facility
- Power steer timer
- Regenerative and plug braking
- Braking proportional to accelerator position
- Braking in neutral
- Brake pedal analogue input mode
- Under and over-voltage protection
- Throttle wire-off detection
- 3 traction cutback speeds
- Easy dual traction control via 2 controllers
- 6 Pump speeds with additive, priority and compensation
- Pump inhibit input
- Independent power steer speed and compensation
- +12V output pin
- Multiple hardware and software failsafe systems and watchdog
- Power On and Trip diagnostic LED indicators


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