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63 kW, 85 peak Hp Series Wound Motor

Great for small car and light truck EV conversions.

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The EMC-SM300 (Motenergy ME1002) is a Series Wound DC motor perfect for lite truck and small car EV conversions. Continuous current of 200 amps, and 550 amps for 2 minutes. Voltages from 48 to 144 VDC. Efficiencies of up to 92%. Perfect for use with the Curtis 1231 Motor Control. The power is 26 KW (35 HP)continuous, and 63 KW (85 HP) peak. More powerful than the NetGain Warp 9 and ADC FB1-4001 motors.


Power: 26 KW (35 HP) continuous, 63 KW (85 HP) peak
Voltage: 48 to 144 VDC
Size: 10 " OD
Shaft: 1.25 "x 1.5", 3/16" key
Weight: 190 lbs


Performance Curves

Mechanical Drawing