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Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor


Price: 385.00 USD


The Motenergy ME0909 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. Capable of 4.8 KW continuous and 15 KW for 30 seconds. For voltages from 12 to 48 VDC input and 100 amps continuous (300 amps for 30 seconds). Designed for battery operated equipment. It makes a great replacement for the original Etek motor because it has the same bolt pattern and is actually lighter in weight.


Power: 4 cont-- 12.8 pk hp
Voltage: 12-48 Volt rated
Speed: 2150-4850 rpm
Size: 6" OD, (w/o shaft)
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key
Weight: 24 lbs.

Voltage Constant: 0.0107
Revolutions per volt: 93.45 RPM
Torque Constant: 0.102 Nm/Amp
Generated Current: 9.8A per Nm


Performance Curves

Mechanical Drawing