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EVT Hub Motor

1.5-3 kW Brushed Permanent Magnet Hub Motor

Comes with 3.00x10 Kenda tire and brake disc.

Price: $795.00


These brushed PM Hub Motors were designed for EVT scooters with a top speed of 34mph unrestricted. With after market controllers such as an Alltrax these hub motors can obtain higher top speeds. EVT Motors have very high efficiency with no transmission losses. This hub motor is one reason why the EVT 4000e can claim over a 50-mile range.

Putting a 3kW EVT hub motor on a early model EVT requires some fabrication, as the 3kW model has a slightly larger diameter axle on the right side due to the double sized input cables.

Comes with a heavy duty 3.00x10 Kenda tire and brake disc.

Motor weight w/ tire and disk: 37.15 lbs.

Voltage / Speed

24V = 17 mph
36V = 25.5 mph
48V = 34 mph
60V = 42 mph
72V = 51 mph


Voltage: 48.0 Volts
At Start Load
Speed: 767 Rpm
Current: 5.5 Amp
At Stall
Torque: 25.5 Nm
Current: 42.6 Amp
At Max Efficiency
Efficiency: 94.67%
Torque: 9.4 Nm
Speed: 740 Rpm
Current: 16.0 A,p
Output: 720.05 watts
At Max Power
Torque: 25.5 Nm
Speed: 676 Rpm
Current: 42.6 Amp
Output: 1086.28 watts


Addional Specs