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5 Hp LS-RC

5 Hp Long Shaft w/ Remote Control

Availability: Call for current lead time.

Price: 2999.00 USD


Parsun 5 hp electric outboard with remote throttle control, long shaft (20 inch), and an electric tilt feature. Perfect for pontoon and sail boats. Designed for 48 VDC battery systems. Provides 100 amps of continuous current and a 10 second "power boost" of 140 amps to get you away from the dock. Comes with Remote Control, 12 foot cable, spare power connector, and manual.

The new feature for this year is an Electric Tilt. Simply push a button on the Remote Throttle at the end of the day to raise the unit out of the water for storage, or use the tilt when you get into shallow water. The Electric Tilt feature can be mounted to any boat without tools (no holes to drill).

Product comes in a steel frame shipping container that can be converted to a hand cart. Wheel kit included.


Rating: 5 HP at the propeller shaft.
Thrust: 130 pounds continuous, 160 pounds for a 10 second burst used in docking and acceleration/deceleration.
Voltage: Designed for 48 VDC battery systems.
Current Limit: 100 amps continuous, 140 peak for 10 seconds.
Input Power Maximum: 4.8 Kw
Output Power Maximum: 5 hp or 3.7 Kw.
Propeller Material: Aluminum
Salt Water Approved: Yes

The unit has a 5 step painting process to prevent corrosion. Can be used in Salt Water when you follow the directions in the manual.

Compare this electric outboard to the Minn Kota E-Drive System, rated at 2 HP for nearly the same price. The Parsun will push your boat faster.


2-year limited factory warranty.


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