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EnerTrac Hub Motor

10 kW Cont. Brushless PM DC

Price: $1,245.00 USD


EnerTrac is pleased to offer, arguably the most powerful hub motor currently for sale to the upgrade market and readily available to the general public for gas to electric motorcycle conversions. This motor was designed to make the gas to electric motorcycle conversion easy, with such features as a 60mm O.D. hollow axle designed to accept the standard bolt axle used in almost all motorcycles. What is required with a motorcycle conversion using a hub motor is the design of a torque arm that prevents the axle from rotating. This Torque Arm was designed for direct integration into most motorcycles swing arms. Other features of this design that stand out when compared with other hub motors are large mounting area and easy mounting of a Disc Rotor, and high efficiency design.

No other hub motor on the market today is design exclusively for the motorcycle conversion market. The motor uses a higher voltage, lower current design to minimize losses from wire heating. It is able to achieve 10KW continuous and up to 30KW peak. The motor is thermally protected when using the recommended Kelly Controller to prevent overheating and burn out. The Hub motor is designed for motorcycles weighing less than 400 pounds with the batteries (dry weight, no rider).

The Hub motor will come laced to DOT compliant rim, WM3 style 36 hole, 18 X 2.15, other sizes available on special order, or order just the motor and have a rim of your choice spoked onto the motor.

MHM602: Two turn winding motor


- Power output: 10KW continuous @ 25c ambient temperature

- Protection: thermally protected with certain controllers

- Typical Voltage needed:

72 volts for 45 MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire
96 volts for 60 plus MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire

- Typical current demand:

At 72 volts and 45 MPH < 50 amps
At 96 volts and 60 MPH < 95 amps

These voltage and current results were obtained using a 325 pound motorcycle with a 170 pound rider on a flat road with little to no headwind your results will vary depending on motorcycle, rider weight, and conditions. EnerTrac does not guarantee voltage and current specifications, but provide them as a guide to help the customer chose the correct battery for their build.

- Swing arm width needed: 7.5 inches needed for installation with torque arm

- Wheel size: WM3 style 36 hole 18 X 2.15

- Color: Motor Black, Rim Silver