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EMC-R LS (ME1004)

Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Double brush-set w/ sturdy 1" x 2.5" shaft

21Hp pk, 24-48V, 200A (400A for 1 min.)



This is a Permanent Magnet, Brush Type, DC Motor with Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets. The 1" shaft is similar to the shaft on most Lawn and Garden Tractor engines. This motor is perfect for an engine replacement on a Lawn and Garden tractor when converting the tractor to electric propulsion. No motor control is necessary for an engine-swap, but you will need to add a Contactor, Fuse, and 48 VDC batteries. Capable of 200 amps continuous, and 400 amps for 1 minute. The efficiency is 90%.


Double brush-set
Sturdy 1" x 2.5" Drive Shaft


Power: 10.75 Hp cont. -- 21 pk Hp
Voltage: 48 Volt rated
Speed: 3700 rpm @ 48v unloaded
Size: 8" OD, 6.4 " long (w/o shaft)
Shaft: 1 "x 2.5 ", 3/16" key
Weight: 32 lbs


Performance Curves

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