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AC-20 Motor / Controller Kit

AC Induction Motor
& Curtis Controller
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These custom-wound AC induction motors can produce an amazing amount of power and torque at excellent levels of efficiency. Some of the benefits of an AC induction motor are a longer power band, higher RPM, regenerative braking, and easy reversing. They do not require contactor pre-charge resistors or diodes. This is the motor used in the E1 project and the Native TTXGP winning bike.


Application Voltage
Controller Current
Golf Cart 48 1238-5601 650 25 75
C-Face 48 1238-5601 650 25 75
C-Face 72 1238-6501 550 37 63
C-Face 96 1238-7601 650 50 75

All AC drive kits include: Motor, Controller, Wire Harness, Display (Golf cart application comes with controller mounting plate)


Diameter: 6.7 in
Weight: 54 lbs.
Motor efficiency: 89%
RPM: 7500


Tech Specs

Performance Curves