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Sevcon Gen4 36/48 450A

36/48V, 450 Amp Controller for
Brushless PM Motors.

Purchasing Requirements

There are only three ways to purchase Sevcon Gen4 controllers:

1. Contained in a fully assembled and tested system. (i.e. PMAC systems)
2. As a replacement part, provided the original programming file is available
3. As part of an engineering support contract with a ten hour minimum retainer

Please review and submit one of the following worksheets to help us understand your project and better serve your needs.
Land Vehicle Worksheet
Marine Craft Worksheet


The Gen4-series represent the absolute latest design concept for compact and reliable AC Controllers. They feature the smallest footprint in the industry for their power capability. The high efficiency of these controller makes it possible to integrate them into very tight spaces without sacrificing performance. The design has been optimized for the lowest possible cost while maintaining superior reliability in the most demanding applications.

The Gen4 controllers are designed to control either AC Asynchronous motors or PMAC Synchronous motors. This feature allows users to select optimal motor solutions for any application. Both UVW and encoder AB inputs are provided for maximum flexibility.


Sealed IP66 enclosure
Integrated logic circuit (I/O)
Advanced flux vector control
Autocheck - system diagnostics
Sensorless control (depending on application)
CANopen product


Nominal Voltage
36 - 48 VDC
Operating Voltage
19.3 - 69.6 VDC
Current (120s)
Boost (10s) 540A


Data Sheet