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Aluminum Driven Sprocket
Custom Machined
Availability: Please allow approximately 30 days production time prior to shipping.

Price: 100.00 USD


Custom driven sprockets are necessary to achieve the proper gearing for your Electric Motorcycle or Personal Electric Vehicle. The driven sprockets have specific bolt patterns that match the type of wheel the sprocket is being mounted on. The bolt pattern on these custom made sprockets differ depending on the year, make, and model of the motorcycle (wheel). Below are some examples.

Year / Make / Model
2003 / Yamaha / R1
1972 / Honda / CB 500
1990 / Yamaha / YSR 50
1992 / Kawasaki / Ninja 400

Size of sprocket

The number of teeth on the sprocket should be calculated using a gearing calculator. The width and pitch of the driven sprocket must match the width and pitch of the chain and drive sprocket being used.

After adding this item to your cart, please specify:

1. Number of teeth desired
2. Chain size
3. Year, make, and, model of the motorcycle wheel being used


Sprocket Measuring